Sunday, 8 January 2012

Meanwhile...In Scotland...

Automatically resized because that's what Google wants. The full-res upload is here.
These pictures were taken by Creideiki, who you should know as the gentleman on the lower right in the group shot. If not, tut tut. He took some other photos, but I'm only going to link them.
Interior bowling alley shot one
Interior bowling alley shot two
Interior bowling alley shot three

Thanks once again to everyone who made it. If you have photos you want posted, email them to me, my email is somewhere on here. Or if you want, you can stick them on a forum. Also, if you want author's rights on here, just send me an email/comment/forum reply with an email address. Now, I'm off to have a lie down because I don't feel well.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

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So I booked things. Time to revise the timetable.

12.00 is still the meeting time. St Enoch Square if it's dry. North side between Bank of Scotland and centre entrance. If it's wet, in the centre itself at the entrance between Greggs and Tesco. You should be able to recognise me easily by my massive flag, as seen carried by someone else, in somewhere other than Glasgow.

13.00 is when I've booked bowling. I've booked 2 games for people at AMF, Springfield Quay. Should be sufficient. Total cost there is £156, so that's a minimum of £10.40 (if 15 show), and a maximum of £14.20 per person (if 11 show).

16.00 is when we're due at the restaurant. DiMaggio's, Royal Exchange Square. Because we're a 'large party', they're limiting us to the set menu, which you can see here. They also want a 10% service charge, but that's fair enough.

I left space at 3PM, because folks seemed keen on trying to find somewhere to watch the episode. I don't have a laptop/WLAN/whatever, so I don't know what to do here. Also I have no idea how long bowling will take. Traditional aimless wander about the town ahoy!

If any of you were wondering about numbers, I have 11 confirmed, and 4 maybes, so everything's booked for 15 people.

Should you have any issues, or fail to find me on Saturday, I think this thing publishes my email for the former, and the latter can be solved through this file. The URL directs to a medafire upload of my mobile phone number. Password for the file is the name of the city where we're meeting (HA HA at my attempts to avoid spam bots), with capitalisation. If you have trouble opening it, you're probably on Windows so open via Notepad. It's just 12 bytes. 11 digits and an EOF.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


I did ask people to confirm by Wednesday (4 Jan.), but that seems to have got lost somewhere. I'll reiterate. Confirm attendance by leaving a comment or forum post saying "I'm going" or "I'm not going" and also leave some sort of identifier (in these comments) so I can create a register. I'll be in Cheshire most of the day, so the deadline is really Thursday, whenever I get up, but shhhh.

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