Tuesday, 3 January 2012


I did ask people to confirm by Wednesday (4 Jan.), but that seems to have got lost somewhere. I'll reiterate. Confirm attendance by leaving a comment or forum post saying "I'm going" or "I'm not going" and also leave some sort of identifier (in these comments) so I can create a register. I'll be in Cheshire most of the day, so the deadline is really Thursday, whenever I get up, but shhhh.

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  1. I'll be attending, but only for a little while, not for bowling or food. Just hello and banter.
    I'll be with my non-brony friend.
    It'll be hard to identify me- I have no pony shirts, I'm just a teenager. I'll just come up to you guys.

  2. Quite a few people seem to be going, I'll join in.

    Identifiers? Well that really depends on the weather for me, I got a fairly posh coat for Christmas, but it's not waterproof. Possibly the most distinctive thing I wear is my leopard necklace, but that's hard to see.

  3. By 'identifier', I just mean a name.

  4. Oh, well I think mine should be fairly easy to guess, since my first name is in my screen name.

    Also I forgot to mention, I could bring my netbook, so if there's somewhere with wifi people can try to crowd around to see the new ep.

  5. I'm going. Unless the horrible weather continues into friday night and grounds my flight to Glasgow.

    I can supply Wi-Fi from my mobile phone, but don't really think it's worth it, considering the image and sound quality of live streams and netbooks. I prefer to wait for the 1080p YouTube uploads.

  6. Oh, good thing I looked at this page again, I completely forgot to confirm... Anyway, I'll be going too, let's just hope the weather gets better closer to the weekend. I'm Jordan by the way, just for an identifier.

  7. I have to be honest I'm not 100% sure if I'll actually attend due to A: the bad weather and B: I'm a really shy individual and I have Aspergers Syndrome, so I'm kinda nervous about actually going since I've never done anything like this before, so yeah, though if I Do go, you'll be able to ID me by the Fluttershy Skin on my iPod Touch and Fluttershy and Derpy Keyrings, also, where exactly at the St. Enoch's center will we be meeting (i.e The main entrance, St. Enoch's Square, ect)

  8. @Creideiki I've dropped in on three or four streams, while I admit they're no 1080p they've gotten better, I think I'll just bring it anyway so if people desire there a chance we could still catch it. What would also be amazing is if we found somewhere that would let us use a projector+speakers

    @Zork: I believe it's St. Enoch's Square.

  9. Not sure if I'll be coming or not. I may be meeting up with my dad instead.
    If I am there I'll be wearing an RAF greatcoat.

  10. @Zork787 If it's dry, in the narrow bit of the square between the police/public toilet thing and the old subway station. If it's wet, just inside the St. Enoch centre, at the Tesgo/Greggs entrance. I'll be easy to spot.

  11. Identified by: Leather longcoat and hat, unicorn T-shirt and beard and long mane. Also in Edinbrugh meetup line u- group shot

  12. Hey as said on Rainbow Dash Forums (Before they Bucked up) I will be attending, If you want an identifier I'm Adam and I will be wearing a leather jacket (H&M) with a Rainbow Dash cutiemark patch, I'll be there so long as the Trains are on, so yeah see ya there I guess.

    -Adam (Roseluck when I was on RD forums)