Sunday, 8 January 2012

Meanwhile...In Scotland...

Automatically resized because that's what Google wants. The full-res upload is here.
These pictures were taken by Creideiki, who you should know as the gentleman on the lower right in the group shot. If not, tut tut. He took some other photos, but I'm only going to link them.
Interior bowling alley shot one
Interior bowling alley shot two
Interior bowling alley shot three

Thanks once again to everyone who made it. If you have photos you want posted, email them to me, my email is somewhere on here. Or if you want, you can stick them on a forum. Also, if you want author's rights on here, just send me an email/comment/forum reply with an email address. Now, I'm off to have a lie down because I don't feel well.


  1. This was a fun get-together! We should try having another one some time this year. Also, feel free to add my brony account on G+. It's Sketcha Sketch.
    Sketcha (the lady in the middle)